01.05.2017the ivory diary

"For dinner and drinks we ate in the hotel lounge and restaurant - The 22nd Lounge & Bar. It was the perfect place to grab a drink and watch the sunset over the city. It's sky high location and cool vibe make it one of the favourites of the Frankfurters and I can totally see why. We tried the signature drink by Fabio called 'El Oro'. Amazing! Whether you're staying at the hotel or not, I recommend at least having a drink there. You won't be disappointed!"

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  • 06.11.2014Sie plaudern kurz und schmutzig

    "Lust haben die beiden gemeinsam mit Musiker Gabriel Groh eine neue Talkshow auf die Beine zu stellen. Das Ganze hoch über der Stadt, in der „22nd Bar“ im Eurotheum, Hammer-Ausblick und Clubatmosphäre inklusive."

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